“There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.” – Martin Luther

” The Idea of Green Evites started with us trying to venture into a wedding invitation business that is more eco-friendly and economical. We have been in the wedding invitation printing business and have been shipping invitations globally to more than 125 countries for past few years. However, I ask myself, I am contributing enough to make the environment cleaner and greener? Will all this lead to a better and sustainable future?

Wedding Invitation business is close to my heart. Wedding planning is like being an expert juggler except that maybe you are juggling fireballs! Well, I juggled too and amongst the many decisions I had to make was the wedding card which I wanted as a perfect remembrance of “the day”. After careful searches and zeroing in on a vendor, I was really looking forward to distributing my invitations with pride. But to my horror, my vendor mis-spelt my own name! With time running against me, there was little I could do except live with the memory till date!

As a silver lining, I committed to changing the way Wedding Invites are done in India. I wanted to be a part of all the happy beginnings in my own small way. Combining my passion for doing beautiful invitations, the exemplary creativity of our designers and the power of internet, Green Evites was born. 

This time we decided to venture into more than just paperless wedding invitations. We decided to have a larger collection of invitations like birthday parties, anniversaries, baby showers and more. These paperless e-invitations can be send over emails or Whatsapp groups. This mode of sending our invitations is not only cheap on pocket but environment friendly.

“What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on.” —Henry David Thoreau

I cannot thank enough the many brides and grooms who allowed me and my team to be a part of their beginnings! It has been fantabulous journey, thank you so much! We strive to be a part of many more beautiful beginnings and journeys and keep trying extra hard to make your special day last forever!”

-Ms. Navneet Nagpal
 Green Evites


Designs on offer:

Indian wedding e – invitations | Hindu wedding evites | Paperless christian wedding invitations | Sikh wedding e-invites | Muslim wedding evites

Video invitations for all occasions

Evites by theme: Floral | Ganesha | Royal | Peacock | Radha Krishna

Save the date e-invitations: Traditional | Modern | Classic

Party and celebrations e-invitations: Bridal Shower | Engagement Party | Bachelor Party | Bachelorette Party

E-Notes and cards: Announcements | Thank you notes | Wedding party requests | Congratulations

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